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Auto Insurance

Appalachian Insurance Agency's Auto Insurance Coverage

For you to get the right auto insurance coverage, you need to start by knowing your state's requirements. In Georgia, it is a requirement for every car owner to have an auto insurance coverage to be on the road. Appalachian Insurance Agency will help you understand the basics and assist you in selecting the best insurance for your car. The different types of auto insurance policies in Georgia include:

Bodily injury liability

It caters for the damages related to the death or injury of an individual whether a passenger or pedestrian due to an accident that was your fault.

Property damage liability coverage

It helps you in payment of expenses related to the damages on another individual's property due to an accident that you caused. These may include buildings, fences, or vehicle damages.

Underinsured driver coverage

If another person is liable for an accident and does not have enough coverage to compensate you, this coverage will help you in the payment of the damages you incur.

Uninsured coverage

If the person responsible for the accident is not insured at all, it means that they may be unable to repay you for the damages they cause you. This policy helps you in the repair or replacement of your vehicle, or it could also help you in the payment of medical bills, and you can get repayment from the person's insurance company later.

Collision coverage

It helps you pay for the cost of repair or replacement of your vehicle if it suffers damages due to an accident in which you were found at fault.

Comprehensive coverage

It helps you pay for the damages suffered to your vehicle caused by situations such as theft, storm, hail, and vandalism.

Medical payment coverage

The policy is responsible for your medical expenses or your passengers' medical bills and funeral bills due to injuries or death caused as a result of an accident.

If you wish to learn more about auto insurance requirements in Georgia, visit or contact Appalachian Insurance Agency and let our experts help you. You can also get a quote from our online rating tool and get started.