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Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are more than just cars; they are a great hobby, your treasure, and a passion, and that's why they often require a specialized classic car insurance coverage to protect them from risks such as accidents, theft, damage, and vandalism.

Classic car insurance policies aren't highly priced as you'd assume. It's because insurers always presume that you'll be covering less mileage with the car, although, sometimes they may need to know your annual mileage for the vehicle. Additionally, classic car owners often take good care of their cars through regular maintenance schedules and secure storage.

At Appalachian Insurance Agency in Georgia, we specialize in classic car insurance as well as vintage car insurance. Our policies are specially tailored to meet the varying coverage needs of different clients, so you can rest assured that the true value of your classic car will be safeguarded in case of any eventuality. Whether you're a classic car owner, trader, or collector, there's a great policy for you.

What is considered a classic car?

The debate about which vehicles are classified as classic cars has been going on for a while. Although only vehicles manufactured before 1976 are exempted from taxation, several other modern vehicles can also be considered classic cars. Here are the common parameters considered when classifying classic vehicles:

  • Usage: Classic cars are generally used for club functions, organized meets, exhibitions, occasional pleasure driving, and tours. As long as your classic car isn't used as a daily ride, it qualifies for classic car insurance.
  • Storage: Your vintage or classic car must be stored in a private, enclosed storage structure when not in use. Examples of appropriate storage structures include private residential garages, rental storage units, and private barns.
  • Regular-use vehicle: Every household member with a driver's license should have a regular-use vehicle.
  • Classic truck insurance: Your collector truck can also be covered under classic car insurance, especially if you have a different use for the truck.

If you own a classic car, please visit our Appalachian Insurance Agency offices in Georgia for more information on the available coverage options. You can also call us for any inquiries about classic car insurance and to learn how to get started on a policy. We are always there to help answer your questions about classic car insurance.