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Commercial Insurance

People don't venture into business because they imagine they're going to be smart at buying insurance coverage for it. However, purchasing the right commercial insurance is paramount. No entrepreneur wants to learn the hard way that they had been undertaking it wrong. At Appalachian Insurance Agency, we believe in getting things right from the word "go" in Georgia.

Appalachian Commercial Insurance Policies

Property Insurance Policy

Whether your business leases or owns its operating space, property coverage is essential. Without space, you don't have a place to store products, meet clients, or make products. Moreover, the coverage protects other vital factors of production such as inventory, furniture, equipment, and signage.

Workers Compensation Policy

In Georgia, once your company hires the first employee, workers compensation becomes mandatory. Secure your employee's welfare by covering their medical, death benefits, and disability if they are injured or perish while working.

Product Liability Policy

If you are in the manufacturing business, a product liability policy is obligatory. Even giant companies producing safe products have found themselves mentioned in lawsuits resulting from a few of their products. Our coverage is customized to suit your products. Just talk to our agents, and they will guide you through the process.

Errors and Omission (E&O) Policy

Also known as a professional liability policy, E&O coverage protects your company from employee negligence and failure to perform. It is crucial for contractors and those in the service industry where one slip is enough to put you at substantial financial losses from lawsuits and court settlements.

Business Interruption Policy

When catastrophes or disasters occur, there is a high chance that your business operation can be interrupted. It doesn't take rocket science to mention that you will lose income during this unexpected period. Such occurrences mainly affect manufacturers, retail stores, and business that need offices to operate.

Auto Commercial Policy

If company vehicles are required for operation in your business, you need to guard your business against liabilities in case of accidents. Georgia state legal requirements expect you to have third-party coverage.

By obtaining the right commercial insurance coverage, your business is safeguarded from significant financial losses that result from lawsuits, accidents and catastrophic events. Appalachian Insurance Agency proudly works with all investors in Georgia. Give us a call today, drop an email, or visit our offices to get covered!